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You blazed your way into our brains and our hearts. On Sunday morning, I heard several references to “what Randy Harvey said…”. It was a blessing for me to spend time with you. Thank you for taking the time to inspire us to speak, lead and live with our hearts. All the best,
Sandra Holman
Many speech coaches have only told me what to do. Dr. Harvey is the first coach who told me WHY to implement certain techniques. Since working with Dr. Harvey my speaking skills have exploded! He has helped me turn on my creative genius and write in a way that not only keeps my audience’s attention, but holds it like a vice. Thanks to his help I have a book shelf full of speech contest trophies and many people asking for my help on their speeches. Thank you Dr. Harvey!
Douglas Kruger is the 2nd Place Winner 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, the 2004 Southern African Champion of Public Speaking, and 702 Radio talk show host. “So many words have been said in honor of Randy J. Harvey, the Speaker. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with Randy, the Man. He coached me as I prepared to represent the continent of Africa in the 2005 World Championships of Public Speaking. Not only did Randy’s advice take my stage-craft and communication abilities as a p…
It’s Thank You time! One of the main High light of our Successful conference Ovations – 2014 is ‘ Randy Harvey session ‘ and participant’s response has been overwhelming. Participants still talk ‘ how to be immortal ‘ and ‘steps to prepare speeches’ On behalf of the Ovations – 2014 team and Educational session committee, let me express heartfelt gratitude for having consented and successfully conducted education session for us. Your session will remain ‘ immortal ‘ Personally I have benef…
Shivaram KamathEducation session - Chair
The Northwest Writers and Publishers Association (NWPA) was honored to have Dr. Randy J. Harvey, attorney, novelist and world champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International, as our guest speaker August 11 at the Tualatin Public Library. His sense of humor and extensive knowledge on how to protect ones assets as a writer made everyone very comfortable and brought a standing ovation at the end of his talk. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for answers to attend his seminars or …
Remember that teacher who’s class you wanted to be? The teacher that cared about you, shared stories with you and ultimately showed you how you could make a difference in the world. That’s Randy Harvey. Although he confesses he is not a good teacher. But the verdict is in and the judgements stands. Dr. Randy Harvey is an incredible story teller and teacher who cares about you. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him.
Dear Randy, Allow me to first thank you for accepting our invitation and coming to Goa.The amount of trouble and delay for the Visa had belied our hopes of your arrival.Hope you reached back safe. Your arrival and superb key note address at the opening ceremony uplifted the conference. The icing on the cake was the outstanding Two hour session.Tm went home feeling different and enriched from the leanings. What I really respect you for,is the fact,you are such a nice lawyer and Gentleman.Th…
Kumaran M PethiDTM District GovernorDist.82 Toastmasters International
When I want to connect more closely with my audience, or better frame a touchy topic with humor, Randy’s my mentor and my muse. With his help I’ve learned how to be more persuasive, more likeable, and more effective. Since working with Dr. Harvey my speaking skills have exploded! He has helped me turn on my creative genius and write in a way that not only keeps my audience’s attention, but holds it like a vice. Thanks to his help I have a book shelf full of speech contest trophies and many peopl…







Meet Randy

World Champion Public Speaker, Coach and Lincoln Lawyer

Randy J. Harvey has the wit and captivating sayings of Ben Franklin one minute and the awe shucks style of Garrison Keiler the next. He is at home in courtroom, classroom or in front of a conference audience. He is a world class speaker and a world class speaking coach. In his conference keynotes it is not uncommon for listeners to have tears streaming down their cheeks one moment and tears of laughter flowing the next.

Public Speaking 101: Messages That Matter

Improve Your Public Speaking

By Dr. Randy J. Harvey

Public speaking terrifies most people. They have no idea how to identify their most important messages, the ones that really matter. This book helps the aspiring speaker identify their most powerful messages and craft them into the most inspirational and motivational message they can deliver. Dr. Harvey is the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, holds a PhD from the University of Oregon, a Juris Doctorate from Concord Law School and a Masters degree from Eastern Oregon University. The skills to be learned in this book are straightforward and easy to master if you are willing to spend the time to learn them.

Public Speaking 101: Messages That Matter

  • Speak from your heart and the world will listen; be who you are and people will listen to what you have to say.
  • Learn how to speak and write quotable quotes that audiences will repeat.
  • You will have the absolute confidence of knowing who you are, what you are about and where you learned the key principles that lead your life!
  • Read an excerpt

How To Be A Speaker Starter Kit

By Dr. Randy J. Harvey and Ryan Avery

Product Description

The How to be a Speaker Starter Kit, by Dr. Randy Harvey and Ryan Avery, will identify what your speeches have been missing. We teach you how to share your stories. How to make a difference in the world. How to get people to listen to your every word. You learn how to write, deliver and create speeches that come from the heart and persuade your audience to take action. The How to Be a Speaker Starter Kit is the most affordable and value-packed product on the market for aspiring speakers. 100% guaranteed.

In the How to Be a Speaker Starter Kit You will receive the following downloadable video content:

DVD #1 – How to Speak from the Heart: Three questions every speaker must understand
DVD #2 - How to Write a Speech: Have your audience remember your message
DVD #3 - How to Deliver a Speech: Make your audience say wow
DVD #4 - How to Be Confident: Stand tall, be proud and speak with enthusiasm
DVD #5 - How to Be Funny: Make your audience laugh with you not at you
DVD #6 - How to Master Two Minute Messages: Master any question given to you
BONUS: DVD #7 - How to Make $500 for Your First Speech: Generate additional income for yourself
BONUS: DVD #8 - How to Engage Your Audience: The complete recap of How to Be a Speaker


94-PAGE WORKBOOK: Follow the easy, step by step instructions on how to be a speaker.
SPEAKING CONTRACT TEMPLATE: Utilize Ryan and Randy’s proven speaking contract.
SPEAKING PRE-QUESTIONAIRE TEMPLATE: Utilize Ryan and Randy’s proven pre-questionaire they use to get to know their clients and to get booked over and over again.
Invest in your future. Invest in yourself as a speaker.

Private coaching could teach you the same skills but it will cost you more than $5,000. Books, groups or organizations may teach you similar things for less but it will cost you months of your time. Other home study courses will give you less information and charge you over $1,000. The How to Be a Speaker Starter Kit will not cost you tens of thousands of dollars. One of the major reasons this product was put together is so people could share in the benefits of being a speaker and to have more speakers speaking from their heart than for a paycheck (Although it is nice to receive a $3,000 or $10,000 check for a speech you created, wrote and believe in).

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