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Dr. Randy J Harvey with Ashraf Siddiqui, President of Professional Toastmasters Club and Juttas Paul Area 18 Govenor

Randy Harvey with Ashraf Siddiqui

Abdallah Al-Jurf

"...you can't imagine how happy, blessed, and inspired I am because of you. This weekend was one of the best weekends that I had so far this year. You made a difference in my thinking and you took me to a new level. So, thank you so much. You are immortal and I hope that you'll make many other people immortal as well."

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Keynote for Toastmaster 2013

Delivered by Randy J. Harvey, Ph.D.

Public Speaking 101: Messages That Matter

a Book by Randy J. Harvey, Ph.D.

Messages That Matter Book Cover

About the Book

Public Speaking 101: Messages That Matter (The Art and Science of Inspirational Speaking)

Public speaking terrifies most people. They have no idea how to identify their most important messages, the ones that really matter. This book helps the aspiring speaker identify their most powerful messages and craft them into the most inspirational and motivational message they can deliver. Dr. Harvey is the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, holds a PhD from the University of Oregon, a Juris Doctorate from Concord Law School and a Masters degree from Eastern Oregon University. The skills to be learned in this book are straightforward and easy to master if you are willing to spend the time to learn them.

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Thomas Clayton

a Book by Randy J. Harvey, Ph.D.

Thomas Clayton Book Cover

About the Book

Thomas Clayton

In this gripping tale, you will follow Thomas Clayton "TC" Gourley. His father, mother, and sister were killed. Eventually, he was abruptly taken into another world by his father’s half-brother, who was known as "The Bastard Boats."

At the hands of Boats, this compassionate, caring and sincere boy of nearly 15 found himself treated like a Kerr dog. Soon, TC thought he found freedom when he was taken in by a roughneck foreman and his wife, Buck and Rosie Hagan, but such was the calm before the rising storm that threatened all their lives. Boats’ seedy past as a member of the "Combine" a small county corrupt business cartel that owned politicians, law enforcement and judges began to unravel. Murder, extortion and the evils that evil men and women do, threatened TC’s innocence and the lives of those he loved. TC proves the proverb in spite of his challenges.

Such is the tale begun by Jay L. Harvey, Dr. Harvey’s father, in a few loose leaf pages that Dr. Harvey found in his father’s estate. Turning his father’s beginning into this book was a journey of love for a son, offered as thanks to his father.

This novel incorporates the lives of three generations of a family in its characters and events, based on partial truths, half truths and total prevarication it is true to the Harvey Family storyteller’s motto: "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

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He takes his audience from tears to laughter in just moments - and he can teach you how to do it too!

It is not uncommon for listeners to have tears streaming down their cheeks one moment and tears of laughter streaming down their cheeks the next. With such homespun and honest humor, it's no wonder Randy connects with his audiences and leaves them with learnings they remember for lifetimes.

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For the last fifteen years Randy has wowed audiences talking from his heart about real issues that face people everyday. His keynotes, leadership development, and motivational speeches are known for their ability to inspire audiences.

Thanks to Randy's help, I have a bookshelf full of speech contest trophies and many people asking for my help on their speeches. - Brian Swan.

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As the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking and a high-demand public speaking coach and author, you know you're getting the complete package - experience, education and entertainment - when working with Randy.