Become a Lincoln Lawyer

Improve your public speaking skills by 100% or more by next year!


Personal Coaching for Lawyers

It is no accident that even Olympic athletes have coaches. In fact consider any world class performer in athletics, performance arts, business and industry. They all have coaches. Lawyers are no different. If you are good speakers you want to get better: to present your arguments, opening and closing statements, speak to the public or advise a client.

Improving your speaking is no different than improving your golf game, learning ballroom dancing, or learning to sing. You must train your body, your brain and your voice. Mastering oration is learning to perform a one person troika of opera, ballet, and symphony. A trained voice and physical presence has the potential to turn the course of history as evidenced by the voices from history.

Randy Harvey PhD, JD, Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking in 2004, practicing lawyer, professional speaker and professional coach is the answer to your question. Randy will teach you to master your body in the face of an audience; master your message by teaching you to speak to the whole brain using powerful language constructs designed to capture the audience in memory nets; and, master your voice—cadence, timbre, tone, and rate. There are no natural orators; the great speakers are hammered like steel in the forges of practice, purpose and philosophy. You can be a world-class lawyer: a Lincoln lawyer. You need only commit yourself to mastering your speech and improving your confidence in your own unique message.

Become World Class. Become a Lincoln Lawyer!
Imagine having a world champion and professional speaker evaluate your speech and give you suggestions on how to make the modest into the magnificent.

"I would not have been able to give such a heartfelt and impactful speech without the full life-cycle coaching from Randy. He will forever hold a special place in my heart!" - Carrie Craggs