Become a Lincoln Lawyer

Inspire Audiences & Speak Like the Lawyer

the Public Expects to Listen To.


Becoming a Lincoln Lawyer

Introduction: The Basics of Lawyers as Public Speakers
Speak Like the Lawyer the Public Expects to Listen To.

  Seminar (2-4 hours) any size audience, available for individual coaching as well.

The public has a misconception that because we are lawyers, we can speak eloquently. We know the truth. Public speaking is not taught in law school and many attorneys avoid courtroom appearances simply because they would have to talk. Further, public speaking and communication skills are essential to rainmaking and building a successful practice.

Have you ever secretly desired to inspire audiences, influence juries, and convince truculent judges. Have you ever dreamed to speak like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Maggie Thatcher, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr.? Ever been called upon to speak to an audience and wondered what you would say? This seminar starts with the basics of developing your ability to speak in public. Just like learning the law, you can learn to speak, stand properly, breath correctly, use appropriate gestures, craft easily remembered messages for response to judicial inquiry or oral arguments and develop compelling messages using your words and powerful techniques developed over the millennium since Aristotle. The great speakers developed their own voices, eliminated speaking weaknesses and you can too by practicing the same skill and learning the same techniques.


  1. Learn the difference in language registries and demonstrate the ability to speak in each of them.
  2. Learn the most common errors in speaking and implement a strategy to eliminate them in everyday speech, public presentations and in the courtroom.
  3. Identify the major areas of their personal speaking style where change is needed and how to improve on their strengths in speaking.
  4. Learn strategies for immediately improving gestures and implementing effective communication body language.
  5. Demonstrate the writing of memorable aphorisms.
  6. Create a plan and strategy for developing speaking expertise in an area of the law.
Are you ready to become a Lincoln Lawyer?
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Intermediate Speaking Skills for Lawyers

Mastering the Lincoln Lawyer’s Presence and Command
Control Yourself and Connect to the Audience

  Seminar (2-4 hours) Designed for audiences of 5-25 attorneys, and individual coaching

To connect with an audience a speaker must conquer their own body and mind first. This becomes more manageable when you learn how to control your lower body, manage your breathing, and grow your own gestures in concert with your vocal presentation. Speaking is a symphony harmonizing the instruments of body, mind and message. This training teaches lawyers to master their nerves by channeling them and corralling them through the use of muscle memory.

The essential element of oration is the voice and control of your own voice is essential to powerful presentations in the courtroom or the country club. Like playing any instrument the voice is a tool in the attorney’s arsenal. We teach you to master yours and march it into the courtroom. Simple techniques will revolutionize your understanding of your own voice how it is heard and how you can use it strategically.

This session will teach you how to marry the physical, oral and aural speaking skills in your arsenal. Understanding the techniques and practicing them will rapidly improve your confidence and capabilities as a speaker. Dr. Harvey has taught thousands of speakers to master their messages.


  1. Master the pause and eliminating annoying filler words: um, a, ah, like, you know, so…
  2. Demonstrate proper body position and body language in front of an audience.
  3. Demonstrate proper technique for eye contact and normal eye contact strategies during public speaking.
  4. Learn voice control and care strategies, including mastery of proper cadence, inflection, rate, timbre and tone.
  5. Learn to identify proper rhetorical structures to coordinate physical presentation and vocal variety to maximize audience retention.
  6. Conquering fear and turning it into an advantage.
Are you ready to become a Lincoln Lawyer?
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Advanced Speaking and Speech Writing

Advanced Training for Lawyers on Messaging
The Hidden Secrets of Immortal Speech Writing

  Seminar ( 2-4 hours) Designed for audiences of 5-25 attorneys, individual coaching or speech writing.

Every lawyer understands the important of succinct presentation of the elements of the law when writing legal briefs. Oral presentations for lawyers though create a unique synergy of storyteller, poet and advocate: melding the truth into a powerful message that compels the trier of fact or audience. Over two thousand years of rhetoric and practical application in a modern age provides us with the tools to improve our speech writing and messaging. Unlike a professional orator, lawyers have to hold sway over the message and command its presence in the precise moment it is needed drawing on their legal repertoire of facts, case law and precedent to win the point. Like a professional speaker lawyers can develop mastery of the speech chunks they need, to do just that. This training will teach you to write your speech chunks in your own voice on topics that are important to your professional practice and the development of your career. These are masterful skills that will revolutionize your speaking and shorten the amount of time it takes you to prepare.

Dr. Harvey has taught thousands of speakers to develop their memory for speaking and develop messages that create mental movies in the minds of their audiences.


  1. Master the power of fewer words and greater mental movies.
  2. Will learn to write using their oral voice.
  3. Understanding and implementing the power of primacy and recency through the use of legacy lines.
  4. Crafting the legal melodrama through story free verse structure of the message crafted around legal elements.
  5. Learn to portray the message through body movement and messaging in support of your words.
  6. Will analyze the legal elements to devise the essential plot for a successful legal outcome.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to chunk messages around key legal issues or questions.
  8. Develop the ability to make your message SCREAM in the listening audience’s mind: writing and delivering aphorisms.
Are you ready to become a Lincoln Lawyer?
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Lawyers as Politicians and Information Dispensers

Mastering the Lincoln Lawyer’s Ability to Answer
Message and Audience Memory

  Seminar (2-4 hours) Designed for audiences of 5-25 attorneys, or for individual coaching.

It is a fact that in whatever profession we hold the scope of questions we get asked on a daily basis could probably listed on a short list of 5-10 questions. I know as a practicing employment lawyer potential clients keep asking I. Working with political candidates I have discovered that they can generally create the same short list of campaign questions and have the need to write a stump speech that can with small modifications be applied to varied audiences.

This training will focus on teaching lawyers to define those core questions and to craft an answer they can use over and over, with variations of supporting stories or facts to sell the message. This training also teaches them to use the power of aphorism to get that quotable sound bite for the five o’clock news, the one that sells their message. This technique works for the everyday general practitioner, the senior partner and the politician. Lawyers will learn the technique to writing these very powerful quotable lines and then how to set them up for delivery to an audience of one or one thousand.


  1. Create in the speaker the ability to master their message.
  2. Identify their repetitive questions and develop succinct, powerful and quotable answers to them.
  3. Develop two-minute responses to the most often asked questions.
  4. Develop 12 – 20 minute stump speech on essential issues of the campaign or political issue.
  5. Demonstrate the skill to respond under heated questioning on the essential questions.
  6. Learn skills for dealing with hecklers or adversarial questioners.
Are you ready to become a Lincoln Lawyer?
Find out Randy's current availability and fee structure. Customize your training workshops for either group or personal coaching!