Dr. Randy J Harvey, PhD


Highly Educated, Highly Entertaining

Randy J. Harvey has the wit and captivating sayings of Ben Franklin one minute and the awe shucks style of Garrison Keiler the next. He is at home in courtroom, classroom or in front of a conference audience. He is a world class speaker and a world class speaking coach.

In his conference keynotes it is not uncommon for listeners to have tears streaming down their cheeks one moment and tears of laughter flowing the next. He teaches his protégés to master their message and present it to audiences in a manner that captures their attention. With such homespun and honest humor, it's no wonder Randy connects with his audiences and leaves them with messages they remember for a lifetime. He has trained world champions of public speaking, politicians and lawyers to speak effectively including.

Randy has been a student of speaking for over forty years. For the last fifteen years Randy has wowed audiences talking from his heart about real issues that face people everyday and has trained others to master their speaking voice. His keynotes, leadership development, and motivational speeches are known for their ability to inspire audiences. He has practiced law since 2008, starting the practice of law after 30 years in education. He has brought his speaking skills to the courtroom as a trial lawyer in state, federal and administrative courtrooms.

As the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking and a high-demand public speaking coach and author, you know you're getting the complete package - experience, education and entertainment - when working with Randy.

Life Experience

Randy's broad academic experiences and his life experiences as a farmer, railroad gandy dancer, sawmill worker, teacher, administrator, labor negotiator, college professor, and lawyer has provided him with an endless array of stories and examples.

His ability to bring together humor, tragedy, excitement and enthusiasm in the telling of his stories never leaves a disappointed audience. Whether Randy is telling a humorous story about growing up as a hog farmer and hauling hogs in a station wagon, or relating his tragic experiences in a school shooting in Springfield, Oregon, his ability to tell a folksy tale with a strong message, brings home the important message in a way that entertains and inspires audiences. These skills form the basis for helping attorneys develop trial themes and tell the factual story in manner that allows the jury to find their way to the right decision. Whether in the courtroom, classroom, or civic presentation Randy trains lawyers to master their speaking and presentation skills.


Randy holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, where he focused on research addressing the needs of high-risk youth and drop out prevention. He has taught courses in education, management, labor relations, religion, conflict resolution, and contract management as well as public speaking.

In Fall 2006, he completed a doctor of jurisprudence at Concord School of Law.

Randy also holds a Masters in Education, Bachelors of History, and Bachelors of Education from Eastern Oregon University.


Dr. Harvey is married, and he and his wife, Shelly, have three adult children and seven grandchildren. Randy and Shelly live in Sherwood, Oregon, whose sister city is Sherwood, England.
On August 21, 2004, Dr. Harvey won Toastmasters International's prestigious "World Championship of Public Speaking."

In 2013, he was selected as Oregon Live’s “Best Dad Ever” after being nominated by his adult children.

Randy is the author of Public Speaking 101: Messages that Matter available in electronic of softbound edition on Amazon.

Randy is the author of the novel Thomas Clayton available on Amazon.

Look for Randy’s soon to be released book Teaching Lawyers to Talk: Becoming a Lincoln Lawyer.

Randy is the author of numerous training CD’s and DVD’s available on his website

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