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Public speaking terrifies most people. They have no idea how to identify their most important messages, the ones that really matter. This book helps the aspiring speaker identify their most powerful messages and craft them into the most inspirational and motivational message they can deliver.  Dr. Randy J. Harvey has a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, a Law Degree (J.D.) from Concord Law School, a Masters and two bachelor degrees from Eastern Oregon University. He is the 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International and he is heir to five generations of storytellers. His six grandchildren call him Fatdad and the love of his youth and sweetheart these past thirty-seven years calls him Bear. He has three grown children, a wife he adores, and a career that he loves. He has worked on the farm, in the saw mill, on the railroad as a section hand, a maintenance man, elementary teacher, elementary principal, middle school principal, director of human resources, university instructor, labor negotiator, and now lawyer.

Through it all it has been his speaking and storytelling that have won him renown and his love of learning that keeps him interested in life, that and spoiling his grand kids. He is author of research on dropout youth, has written and published numerous public speaking training materials, traveled extensively outside the United States teaching speaking, and has published two books on public speaking, and he is in demand as a motivational speaker.

Randy J. Harvey

Author Randy J. Harvey, PhD

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Dr. Randy J. Harvey PhD giving the Keynote titled, “Speak from Your Heart” at the Toastmasters 2013 Fall Conference in Toronto, Canada

Meet Randy J. Harvey

Randy J. Harvey

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!” my Dad always said. But of course he sold used cars for forty years. My Mama made sure I got an education, now two doctorates, a masters and two bachelors degrees later, I practice law and write novels. I’m an only child so I’m sure that is to blame for a lot of my fabrications and imagination. I've made up for it though after 37 years of marriage and three grown children, six grandchildren which make up a great life. In 2004 I won the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International.

My venture into my first novel wasn't laborious at all. I found a collection of handwritten pages which were the inspiration for this story in my dad’s estate after he was killed in a tractor accident. Like all the stories my father told it was fascinating, but it was just an introduction. My memories of my dad, and I wrote the novel Thomas Clayton. It was a joy.

Now I practice Employment Law in Oregon and California and my experience has proven the adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Prior to practicing law I was a school administrator for 25 years and a teacher for 5. Was at Thurston High School in Springfield to deal with the aftermath of the shooting of 22 students and killing of two. Thomas Clayton is a work of fiction with fictional characters, but is believable because of what I have lived for 59 years. I am also the author of Public Speaking 101: Messages That Matter.