What They’re All Saying about Randy J. Harvey

Randy has many terrific testimonials from people who've worked with him and achieved MORE as a result.

Dr. Veronica Esagui – Northwest Writers and Publishers Association

The Northwest Writers and Publishers Association (NWPA) was honored to have Dr. Randy J. Harvey, attorney, novelist and world champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International, as our guest speaker August 11 at the Tualatin Public Library. His sense of humor and extensive knowledge on how to protect ones assets as a writer made everyone very comfortable and brought a standing ovation at the end of his talk. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for answers to attend his seminars or to call his office for a consultation.

Margaret Page – Business Etiquette Expert, Professional Speaker and Coach

Remember that teacher who's class you wanted to be? The teacher that cared about you, shared stories with you and ultimately showed you how you could make a difference in the world. That's Randy Harvey. Although he confesses he is not a good teacher. But the verdict is in and the judgement stands. Dr. Randy Harvey is an incredible story teller and teacher who cares about you. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from him.

Kumaran M Pethi

DTM District Governor, Dist.82 Toastmasters International

Dear Randy,

Allow me to first thank you for accepting our invitation and coming to Goa.The amount of trouble and delay for the Visa had belied our hopes of your arrival.Hope you reached back safe. Your arrival and superb key note address at the opening ceremony uplifted the conference.

The icing on the cake was the outstanding Two hour session.Tm went home feeling different and enriched from the leanings. What I really respect you for,is the fact,you are such a nice lawyer and Gentleman.The books and video are priceless learning and I will forever cherish them.

I had the privilege of meeting and interacting with many a world champion.This time I found a super soul and champion.Thank you for making our dream at Goa come true.

Shivaram Kamath – Education session – Chair

It's Thank You time!
One of the main High light of our Successful conference Ovations - 2014 is ' Randy Harvey session ' and participant's response has been overwhelming. Participants still talk ' how to be immortal ' and 'steps to prepare speeches'

On behalf of the Ovations - 2014 team and Educational session committee, let me express heartfelt gratitude for having consented and successfully conducted education session for us. Your session will remain ' immortal '

Personally I have benefited immensely being with you for those 3 days. You came across as a finest human being who is a true leader with family values and humble nature. Your impeccable sense of humor is icing on the cake.

I express regret for any inconvenience caused during your presentation, stay or travel at Ovations -2014

Thanking you once again and wishing to meet you in the future to listen to you more and learn from you.

Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger is the 2nd Place Winner 2004 World Champion of Public Speaking, the 2004 Southern African Champion of Public Speaking, and 702 Radio talk show host.

"So many words have been said in honor of Randy J. Harvey, the Speaker. I've been fortunate enough to spend time with Randy, the Man. He coached me as I prepared to represent the continent of Africa in the 2005 World Championships of Public Speaking. Not only did Randy's advice take my stage-craft and communication abilities as a presenter to a new level, but his personal conduct around his family and friends, and in his community, was profoundly inspiring to see. When I grow up, I want to be like Randy! You couldn't hope to work with a human being of greater quality, and you will understand precisely why I say this once you've had the pleasure of working with him."

Abdallah Al-Jurf

"...you can't imagine how happy, blessed, and inspired I am because of you. This weekend was one of the best weekends that I had so far this year. You made a difference in my thinking and you took me to a new level. So, thank you so much. You are immortal and I hope that you'll make many other people immortal as well."

Troy Wruck

"Having Randy attend our District's annual convention as our featured keynote speaker was a wonderful experience. He not only performed like you would expect from a World Champion speaker, but he also proved himself to be a World Champion human being ... a true delight to work with. I, personally, hold Randy in very high regards."

Rich Hopkins

Rich Hopkins is the 3rd Place Winner, 2006 World Champion of Public Speaking.

"Recruiting Randy to our Fall Conference in 2005 brought excitement to District 9 as we beat recent attendance records and raised the bar on satisfaction surveys. He entertained and educated simultaneously as he shared his expertise in storytelling, crafting a speech, and delivery - and offered us added value by serving as our Humorous Contest Toastmaster, as well. Bringing Randy to your conference is a sure-fire way to energize and educate your members.

On a personal note, my perspective of storytelling and closing statements have both been significantly changed through Randy's involvement with my District, Region, and World Championship speeches this year. His insights on writing and delivery options routinely altered my thinking regarding material I had been comfortable with for years, helping me make it more impactful than ever. Most importantly, his encouragement was crucial as I made my run to Top 3 in the world at the Toastmasters International conference."

Brian Swan

"Many speech coaches have only told me what to do. Dr. Harvey is the first coach who told me WHY to implement certain techniques. Since working with Dr. Harvey my speaking skills have exploded! He has helped me turn on my creative genius and write in a way that not only keeps my audience's attention, but holds it like a vice. Thanks to his help I have a book shelf full of speech contest trophies and many people asking for my help on their speeches. Thank you Dr. Harvey!"

Jean Dickson

"When I want to connect more closely with my audience, or better frame a touchy topic with humor, Randy's my mentor and my muse. With his help I've learned how to be more persuasive, more likeable, and more effective. Since working with Dr. Harvey my speaking skills have exploded! He has helped me turn on my creative genius and write in a way that not only keeps my audience's attention, but holds it like a vice. Thanks to his help I have a book shelf full of speech contest trophies and many people asking for my help on their speeches. Thank you Dr. Harvey!"

Jean Shipos

"Randy is a highly-skilled presenter who knows his subject matter well and is capable of teaching and training his listeners. He speaks equally well in a large setting and a small group environment. I had the pleasure of inviting Randy to be a keynote speaker and trainer at a recent conference. His home-spun tales and humorous presentation style enthralled the audience. He has a wonderful way of making listeners feel as if he is speaking directly to them in a very comfortable one on one setting.

I've also seen the results of his training/coaching classes. Randy is exceptionally strong at helping people develop speech ideas from the written word to the presentation style. In an easily-understood, step-by-step guide, he walked people through identifying key themes, focusing on ideas and speech development and wrapping up the presentation with powerful openings and closings. Our conference attendees were so motivated by Randy that we booked him again for another conference! I highly endorse this world-champion speaker and presenter."

Jean Shipos

"While preparing for the District 7 International Speech competition I contacted Randy to offer advice. I emailed him a copy of my speech and I was surprised and happy at his quick response. He had made subtle suggestions (aka changes) to the structure of the speech. He took a good story out of a "conversational" flow and made it more impactful using less words. He challenged me to re-write the ending to leave the audience with a 'take-away'. He said "what do you want the audience to remember two weeks from now about your speech?

With Randy's guidance I changed the speech ending two days before the competition and it was amazing. But Randy's help didn't end there. He went above and beyond the content of my speech. Randy offered guidance on how to work the stage, how to make an impact with eye contact, and even what I should wear. Being the only woman at the District 7 competition I knew that I'd have to stand out in my attire but also needed to be on the same page as the men.

Now ... the rest of the story. I was excited and nervous about the competition. I knew I had a great speech and knew that even with the recent changes it could be a winner. Two hours before the competition I was trying to practice my speech in my hotel room and I couldn't even make it through the first paragraph without making a mistake. I slowed it all down ... took my time ... and was only able to make it through one full run. I still was making mistakes. By the time I got to the competition I felt I had no right to be there. I was the second speaker on stage and at the end of my 7.15 second speech I'D NAILED IT!!! I had never, in all of my practice sessions, given the speech as perfectly as I did on stage.

Although I didn't place in the top one or two spots, it didn't matter to me. I knew that I had given an amazing speech that left tears in the eyes of my audience. Many of the audience members came up to me after the competition and praised my speech. It was the only recognition I needed.

I would not have been able to give such a heartfelt and impactful speech without the full life-cycle coaching from Randy. He will forever hold a special place in my heart!!"